Your own website

Many people might think they don't need a website.  Many are content to use postal mail, newspaper and co-operative advertising.

When determining if a website will benefit you, consider your existing advertising budget.  How much more effectively could you operate and increase profits with this amazing way to distribute information?

Consider this, and gather receipts for current advertising as you do:

  1. Do you advertise in newspapers?  How much does this cost you per week?
  2. Do you use direct mail? Purchase leads?
  3. Do you take advantange of the lower costs of co-operative advertising with other companies?
  4. Do you advertise on billboards?
  5. Do you advertise on radio?
  6. Do none of the above apply because it's just not within your advertising budget?

We believe that all of the above mentioned advertising avenues are important - HOWEVER, no matter WHAT your business might be, even if it is simply a "business card" type presentation with a simple "what we do", "contact us" and "join our mailing list", you can increase your business cost effectively, and engage your customers with web only specials, sending newsletters with new products and upcoming sales, and much more.

We obviously can't disclose everything that we do in detail here (you would fall asleep reading through all the verbiage), but we can take your business and help you create content specific information realting to your business, and the area you serve, at a cost much less than you think, and much less that many other forms of advertising - PLUS when you spend your advertising dollars on more traditional methods, you are adding your website address, making people MUCH more likely to "check you out" for more information.

Depending on your needs, you can create your web presence for the cost of 2 large newspaper ads, pay your rent (hosting), add on a small maintenance package to keep your site fresh (or learn how to maintain it yourself) and have it working for you 24/7! 

Want to add even more value?  Go to your local sign shop and have them create vinyl letters for your back car window.  That's an additional write off for advertising (check with your accountant on how to do this).