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Customer Relationship Management Customer relationships are the lifeblood of every good company. Relationships between a company and their customers, distributors, employees, referral sources, are vital to continued, sustained growth, and stability. Loyal relationships with these valued individuals make for a strong bottom line. So, why do so few companies focus on customer relationship marketing? That\'s a great question, and probably the most frequent answer is lack of understanding of the potential profits in keeping existing customers happy versus constantly acquiring new ones.

When you consider that two-thirds of customers switch from one company to another because of a perceived attitude of indifference from the former company, it makes sense to focus as much attention on customer retention as you do on customer acquisition. Don\'t be a victim of indifference. Develop a good relationship marketing program that takes into consideration both customer relationship marketing, and customer acquisition through relationship marketing. With well-planned relationship marketing efforts, like a greeting card campaign using our system, you can impact retention -- and that will impact the bottom line.

According to customer relationship management experts, companies can increase revenue by 50% if they retain only 5% more of their customers. Don\'t you want your share of that revenue? Our system is the way to put the process of keeping those dollars on autopilot.

Solidify loyal relationships with your most valuable customers.

Business owners tend to be driven, both financially and philosophically, to make cold calls, pursue new contacts, and acquire new customers. But often, little thought is given to nurturing relationships with the customers they already have. Given that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one, this can be a costly approach.

Customers who are continuously courted, interacted with, and reminded of your company\'s presence are less likely to go racing off when competitors come calling. Making those customers feel recognized, known and appreciated can go a long way toward locking up their loyalty. And, it\'s also a great way to get them referring others.

How much are you spending on keeping in contact with your customers/potential customers?  Do you think about the TRUE Cost?  The time spent purchasing, addressing, sealing, stamping, mailing and labor involved?  Most businesses can think of much better use of time that would increase business productivity, but good business people ALSO know that personal followup is paramount in maintaining good customer relationships and repeat business.  

Our System will FREE UP your time and that of your employees (if you have one focused on this task) - we can help you through setting up your existing customer base, including birthdays/anniversaries - just to show you care - how many customers expect to receive a card NOT selling them something, just happy wishes - then they KNOW you care about them.

Custom cards can be created for YOUR business, and ANY business can benefit - Imagine, for instance you are a car dealer, or a realtor.  Have your camera with you and take a picture of your potential customer in their dream car, or in front of their dream house.  Add that picture to a follow up card (SIMPLE!) and send it to them - you know that are going to hang on to it!  And that\'s only the beginning - the time it would take to do this the "regular" way simply is not cost effective - Ours IS!

Who is this good for?? Below is just a drop in the bucket
It's good for ANYONE!

Retail/Shops/Restaraunts/Direct Marketers

  • New Products Announcements
  • Sales
  • Special "Customer" Events
  • New Website
  • Gift Certificates
  • New Customer Discounts, etc.

B&B/Travel Agents/Travel/Hotels, etc.

  • Special vacation offers
  • Thank Yous
  • New listing
  • Tours / open houses
  • Rewards for Visiting

Trade/Market Shows

  • Exhibition/Itenerary for customers
  • Follow ups with new customers
  • Thank You for visiting our booth (or purchasing)
  • Discount on next purchase.

Real Estate Agents

  • New Listings
  • New Areas
  • Thank you for buying
  • Thank you for sending someone
  • Thanks for Looking (with a pic of them)


  • New Artists / Gallery Shows
  • Exhibition Announcement
  • Sales & Discounts

Professional Services

  • Appointment reminders
  • Dental/Doctor Consultations
  • Birthdays / Anniversaries


  • Special Rates
  • Special Services
  • Accountants
  • Brokerage Services

Car Dealerships

  • Thanks for Looking (with a pic of them in dream car!)
  • Car Service Reminders
  • Thank you for buying
  • Thank you for referrals
Who Else Can Benefit?
Attorney - Auto Dealerships - Beauty Salons - Boat Dealerships
Churches - Resorts - Gyms - Spas - Home Builders - Insurance  - Motorcycle Shops - DJs - Nail Salons - Painters - Plumbers - Caterers -  Restaurants - Real Estate Agents - RV Dealers - Scooters - Fabric/Craft Stores - Accountants/Bookkeepers - Wedding Planners  - and SO Many More!  ANY BUSINESS!

Try the system we use absolutely free! Send a real card to anyone! Send Out Cards on us! WE pay for the card! WE pay for the postage!