Web Design / Programming

It is very easy to be confused by all of the companies out there offering design and programming services. Some companies charge what seem to be outrageous fees. Others are so cheap, you wonder how they do it.  We strive to maintain more than reasonable costs for our customers and ask as you consider/compare us to other companies that you remember that if you are considering a website to enhance your business, do you want to take a chance?  This is YOUR business, and when you are dealing in "cheap", most of the time you get what you pay for. However, it definitely pays in the long run to shop around if you feel companies are too high.

Hourly rates for companies will vary depending on the programming, be it HTML, Scripting or Flash. Our rates are highly competitive, and approximately 30-50% lower than most companies both in the East Texas area, as well as all over the United States.

Our hourly rates are:

  • FOR
    • Web page edits & add new pages
    • Repair corrupt pages & troubleshoot
    • Photo scanning (save money and deliver your photographs to us on a disc)
    • Search engine optimization
    • Internet marketing consulting & mgmt
    • Writing press releases
    • Copy writing and on site photography
    • Graphics Work / Logo Design / Template (Website) Design
    • Website design/layout consulting
    • Site Statistics review/analysis
    • Website navigation analysis/advice
    • Copy writing and on site photography (+ $10.00 trip charge and .50 cents per mile round-trip)

    $ 60.00/hour - 1 hour minimum
  • Photo Editing (background removal for specific objects) - $10.00 per photo (Rush Jobs incur $50.00 fee per job - i.e. includes all photos up to 5 in ONE job - photos over 5 incur an additional $5.00 per photo for rush jobs. Rush jobs are evaluated on a case by case basis and accepted only if we can accomodate them for clients specified deadline.)
  • Programming (Flash and PHP/MySQL and other programming languages) & programming troubleshooting - $ 75.00/ hour - 1 hour minimum
  • Rush jobs (excluding the already defined photo rush jobs, if and when they can be accomodated, incur a 30% additional charge based on the total job at our regular fees.
  • 50% due upon project initiation - the remainder due at completion and must be received before site goes "live" and we submit to search engines. Upon receipt of final payment, all login details will be provided. We will not begin work on any project or put it into our work queue without a cleared deposit. No Exceptions.
  • Hosting packages prepaid on a yearly basis will receive free setup and a 10% discount upon future yearly renewals.

In our experience, we can normally bring a newly designed, standardly programmed website onto the web in 4-6 weeks, depending on the existing workload and complexity of the sites. Simple sites can normally be up in a week. Complex sites can take up to 3-4 months.   Most website designs / setups start at about $500.00 on the low end to mid range of about $2500.00+ plus the cost of the domain name and hosting.  More complex sites, such as shopping carts, may cost more.

Content costs can be reduced significantly by having verbiage already proofed and ready to go.

We require our customers to make a $60 deposit and fill out a Website Interview (sent upon receipt of the $60 deposit) prior to the start of a project.  Once we have received the interview back, we will go over it, make notations, email you with any questions we might have, then set up an appointment to go over the interview. 

We will go over the interview with you, then in approximately a week, we will present a proposal with estimated costs for the project.  A 50% deposit is required prior to the start of the project. 

This process saves time and money, and your deposit will be applied to our quote, should you choose to accept it. 

As long as no major changes are required during the development, our estimate will not change.  Extreme changes may increase the final cost.  Hosting costs are not included in website development.  Hosting costs are your "rental" costs for your internet web space, similar to what you would pay in office rent - only less!

For customers who need to have us manage their site for them, we have monthly maintenance plans that can significantly reduce costs.  Click here to see our Maintenance Plan Information.